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I wrote this song about 5 years ago about  the violence that was going on in and around Chicago and the world....I had no idea it would have even more significance today.....

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Cry Out!

CBC-The HeadCutta-Element-Half/Dead -Urban- Youlanda Burnett-Budda-The Gutta Boyz-Battie - Nemo - DeeNice - Twain

The Musical Journey:

Youlanda Burnet 2000 -- Starting Over CD 2000-4 Tracks 

Youlanda Burnett 2001   Rendezous CD 2 Tracks 

The C-Boy Commity  - CBC 2001 3 Tracks 

CBC  2002-Dangerous Group  CD - 16 Tracks

Da HC -2003 Mr. Nice Guy CD -13 Tracks 

The HeadCutta 2004 The Silent Strom CD  17 Tracks 

Half/Dead 2004 -Welcome to The Deadworld - CD  16 Tracks

CDC 2006 Brothaz By Blood CD 2006 17 Tracks

Urban 2006 10 Tracks  

Half/'Dead 2006 Half/Dead CD 8 Tracks 

C.B.C 2007 Hiatus CD 7 Tracks  

Element 4 President  2007- 16 Tracks 

Element -2008 Music Is My Savior CD 15 Tracks

Half/Dead-Dead Serious 2 19 Tracks 

The Gutta Boyz 2009 -  The Gutta Boyz  7 Tracks  

Half/Dead Fet. Youlanda Burnett 2009  -- Good Time (single)

Youlanda Burnett 2009 Thank You CD 5 Tracks

Youlanda Burnett 2012 8 Reason CD 14 Tracks  

Youlanda Burnett 2013  Releve (single)

Youlanda Burnett 2014  On My Way CD  2 Tracks  





 Over 200 songs and counting in the Maylay library and still moving on.....

Maylay Publishing Presents it's first book:


Maylay Entertainment Anniversary Cd -- 15 Songs Cd $10.00 only 100 copies will be available:

Songs on cd

Hometown - CBC Feat Youlanda Burnett

Gutta Girl - The Guttta Boyz

I Don't Care -  The HeadCutta  featuring the Maylay Kids

Gunplay - Element

Budda - Papa Dude 

Youlanda Burnett - Releve` 

Ubran - Corner Boy Clean

Half/Dead - We Can Do The Do 


We're still trying to pick out the best ones....come back  




Vintage fashion show featuring the music of Maylay  Entertainment -- The Maylay Model Mix includes songs from: Element, Budda, The Headcutta, Youlanda Burnett and the Maylay Kids.

There is no such thing as bad publicity

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Micheal Burentt - President

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